Bitcoin & Coinitix: A Bond of Trust

We have traversed a long journey; From Pay per Click, we have reached our goal of “Buy by Click.” Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, this has all been made possible by, a revolutionary platform that facilitates Bitcoin purchase via Credit Cards.

Imagine when was it last that you checked your wallet for cash and realized, “Oh my God! I lost my wallet!” When was it that you ran errands to your nearby ATM, thinking about the limit of how much cash you could withdraw at a given point in time? The digital world is here to alleviate all your concerns and present to you the gift of Bitcoin vide your own plastic money, i.e., Credit Cards. Discover the power of “Visa” and “Master” to secure Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoins & Mass Adoption: Faith is the Buzzword

A significant reason for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is their sustainability despite the pandemic scenario. They have proved their mettle at a time when no other fiat could survive the blows of economic recession driven by the unemployment and uncertainty bears. Even though the mass adoption of Bitcoin is in its nascent stages, it would be worth mentioning the growing fan-following every day. The growth of individuals, enterprises, and manufacturers that accept Bitcoin positively affects its adoption.

Another major factor is the decentralization enabled blockchain algorithm that is the heartthrob for Bitcoin investors. They know they are trading smart and safe with Bitcoins, as it is a deep-seated fundamental science, a public ledger unassailable for the hackers.

The user-friendly application is yet one more governing factor. Don’t be scared; you do not have to be Postgrad or gain expertise in trading in Bitcoins. Nor is there any stringent government regulation tag attached to it. So fundamentally speaking, you are the Master Trader of your Bitcoin. There are no interventions from any third-party controls like banks or governments, nor any government policies holding you up either.

Bitcoin and Coinitix: A Commendable Mix

If you are a die-hard fan of Bitcoin, you can’t afford to ignore the platform of

The first and foremost is the dynamic execution via flawless Blockchain technology that enables payment via your credit cards. Imagine paying your Supermarket Coca-Cola bills with credit cards and Bitcoins being paid through the same ease!

Coinitix offers your funds an edge of best exchange rates as well. Allowing payments for bitcoin transactions via credit card comes in the bouquet of no hidden charges too.

Well, your next support related apprehension is very much understandable. The platform offers round the clock, 24/7 customer support service at the beck and call of your fingertips.

A Distinctive Mix: Bitcoin & Coinitix

The Get: Set: Go system does not just work in marathon races but also in the world of Bitcoin transactions via the Coinitix portal. Its Click-Pay-Buy method facilitates all Bitcoin users to have the convenience of paying through their Visa or Master Power just by:

  1. Registering themselves post punching their name, email address, and other KYC details to get themselves listed as authentic users
  2. Well, now you are an established Coinitix User! All you need is a credit card to pay for Bitcoins
  3. You are now ready to buy your favorite currency, Bitcoin.

Let us Fix by Coinitix

The platform of Coinitix had witnessed a mass movement mainly due to its being an automation-driven product. So now you can say bye to cumbersome bank transactions and rely on the Bitcoin transactions enabled via alphanumeric address, which alters in every transaction with a secret key (more like your OTP).

Disclaimer: Addiction

Remember all good things come in baggages. You need to make sure your credit card bill for each month confirms your Bitcoin status. You are the owner of what you paid for Bitcoins. Ensure there is no other fraudulent ownership of your Bitcoins.

Alcoholism is an Addiction: Bitcoinism, an Obsession!

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