Sessia Combines Cashback Service and Social Network

New York, NY based Sessia, a unique combination of online store and social network, has succeeded in combining blockchain and social network technology. The blockchain social marketplace is designed to impact the way people shop online and is committed to change the way businesses interact with their customers. By combining the digital marketplace with unique marketing and communication opportunities, Sessia creates exclusive opportunities for both businesses and their customers alike.

As they state,

“Our number one objective is to remove all intermediaries between companies and customers, including marketing agencies and social networks, regardless of their location or origin. We offer brands a revolutionary new approach to advertising that they can use to work directly with their clients, spend their advertising budgets on them, and reward them with cryptocurrency cash-backs anywhere in the world.”

In this manner, Sessia enables people to independently choose goods and services based on their friends’ recommendations. The platform rewards customers both for purchasing goods and services in the app and for leaving recommendations and reviews that the platform can automatically publish in their feed after each transaction. As a social marketplace, Sessia allows companies, brands, and stores to develop and utilize effective marketing tools aimed at encouraging customer activity and loyalty, while also rewarding customers for posting recommendations and reviews of the products they purchase, among other forms of interaction.

In addition to businesses, customers also benefit from leaving reviews and recommendations of products through Sessia’s kickbacks. Sessia’ virtual tokens, known as Kicks, are the fastest and most convenient way to award cash-backs on the platform. More than just another crypto-asset, Kicks are a valuable way to settle exchanges between Sessia participants. Whenever a customer’s friends purchase items through their recommendations, the customer receives kickbacks, a percentage of their friends’ purchases. Friends and followers are also eligible to receive kickbacks, depending on how each individual business handles their reward programs.

According to research, “74% of clients buy 42% more if a brand has a conclusive loyalty program.” For businesses on the fence about using a cryptocurrency-based loyalty program, it also notes, “Business owners don’t have any extra expenses, only a small commission Sessia subtracts when a client gets kicks.” This ultimately results in a win-win situation for the consumer and business owner alike.

Sessia kicks can also be exchanged for real money at any of Sessia’s 250 merchants across the country as soon as they arrive in a business or user’s account. New York City alone has 100 Sessia merchants, making it easy for Sessia users to exchange their Kicks for real cash. Furthermore, Sessia is currently being traded on two of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges; namely, Bitforex and Coineal. Kicks are Ethereum based tokens and make use of Ethereum’s infrastructure, which provides a number of advantages. With Kicks, customers and businesses are guaranteed high security and predictability, reliability, and well-developed support, alongside high liquidity due to the ability to exchange Kicks with other Ethereum tokens. Find out more here: Kicks on BitForex.

Sessia is free for businesses to use, and simultaneously offers a number of benefits. Companies save on advertising and stimulate customer activity by using Sessia. “A customer uses Sessia to buy a product or a service,” says the virtual trading platform.

“The receipt is automatically published in their Feed to be seen by their friends (followers). Knowing they can get cash-backs, the friends who saw the post with the receipt are motivated to make a purchase or order from the same company. The company enjoys a growing number of loyal customers and an increase in revenue”

Sessia hosts a set of very useful tools and functions for e-commerce operations, providing technical support to customers and communicating with them, creating and establishing loyalty programs, making payments and awarding cash-backs and kickbacks to customers. The application is divided into functional blocks, developed as separate independent tools that combine to form the Sessia ecosystem.

Sessia was developed as a result of an idea that one successful entrepreneur had. Narek Sirakanyan managed to gather a number of talented individuals and, together, they created Sessia as it is known today. The Sessia team is currently made up of 48 members including 18 programmers, 6 testers, 2 analysts, 4 designers, 3 copywriters, 4 technical support specialists, 4 project managers, 6 sales managers, and 1 blockchain specialist. Contact Sessia by visiting their Facebook page.

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