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Nuke Scientist Killed with Artificial Intelligence Guns

As per the Deputy Commander of a top military unit, a machine-gun, which was remote-controlled, zoomed before the face of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh to fire the fatal sequence of shots.

Virtual assassins killed Iran’s top nuclear scientist with a machine gun that was satellite controlled with artificial intelligence, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps relayed to the local media. Israel and the US both considered Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as the head of an Iranian rogue nuclear weapons program. Fakhrizadeh was driving down the small city of Absard, just east of the capital Tehran, the capital of Iran with, 11 guard security, on November 27, and the machine gun zoomed-in from nowhere to fire off 13 rounds, according to Ali Fadavi, the Rear-admiral. The assassins shot him from a mounted machine gun on a Nissan pickup, which focused only on Fakhrizadeh’s face. His wife was not even 25 cm, or 10 inches away from him, and was not harmed, as per IRGC chief Fadavi, according to the Mehr news agency. The machine gun was controlled online, through a satellite, and used artificial intelligence along with an advanced camera, to target precisely at martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Ali Fadavi, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps IRGC, said on November 24, 2019, that the head of security guarding Fakhrizadeh took four bullets as he covered the scientist, and that there were no terrorists present. The Iranian authorities blame Israel, and the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran, MEK, an opposition group that has been exiled, for the assassination. They have vowed to take revenge. Israel has not commented on the allegations of whether it was responsible for the assassination. The state-run Press TV said that the weapons found on the assassination scene had “Made in Israel” on them.

There is a conflicting account of the death of the scientist since the attack. The defense ministry said that Fakhrizadeh and security got involved in a firefight. The news agency says that it was a remote-controlled artificial intelligence-controlled machine gun and did not cite any source.

Iranian state media interviewed his sons, who claimed that Fakhrizadeh was hit by four to five bullets, though they were not there at the time of the episode, but described the incident as war. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named Fakhrizadeh in 2018 as the director of Iran’s rogue nuclear weapons project.

The US considered the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization in which Fakhrizadeh was an officer. Israel has carried out many targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists about ten years ago.

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