TCS Claims – It can withstand the slowdown without any staff layoffs

There are numerous ways for the Tata Consultancy Services [TCS] to reply to the slowdown in the business; even though the TCS is planning for a powerful growth- the human resource head of the company informed it to the Economic Times.

Meanwhile, the Indian IT companies are forecasting for a higher growth during this year, the economic slowdown perspective in the US has sustained, and the rapping out of Britain from European Union without making a deal has drastically affected the growth in the region. TCS has already said that it is enduring to prepare for higher growth; however, it has sustained the operational instruction to withstand the recession, and some tools can be immediately used to decrease the cost.

Unexpectedly, if there is a recession then there are few projects that will be halted or stopped and no new projects will take place.

Hence, there will be operations from onsite to offshore. Eventually, this does not indicate that someone may lose his or her job, although the cost will reduce. The chief Human Officer of TCS, Ajoyendra Mukherjee informed to ET.

Further, he stated that the Company might be able to cut costs related to travel and also in the case of performance associated issue, this might look like a cutting time for an employee to walk around. At present, perhaps you might give a chance for someone to enhance their performance for a longer time, although the time may come down. Mukherjee stated.

Previously the Indian IT companies have battered with the slowdown. Unlikely from its past, they are capable and good enough to deal with the change as per demand. As of now, the IT companies are not recruiting tens of thousands of fresher’s from engineering colleges; there is a change in the pattern of recruitment process where few fresher’s and experienced workers are recruited by Just-in-time method. The companies are no longer holds a large bench, and the operation of most of the large companies is above 80 percent.

TCS has always respected the commitments that were created for fresher’s and to expand training we may utilize the recession. Previously, in three months the training used to be completed; now we have extended the training period. Rather than training on one or two technologies, we have trained them for a longer duration; have involved them in active participation. Therefore the action requires learning quickly and we are ready to deploy. So that is what we will be doing. If you observe it from the perspective of profitability angle then there will be a certain impact of it onto our business, but that’s the demand, and we need to take it, Mukherjee stated deep from our heart we don’t want to keep firing people, and that is the last move.

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