Follow and Copy Experienced Crypto Traders in the Cryptohopper Marketplace

The crypto market expands with great leaps and bounds. It, therefore, gets tricky to follow the trail of the latest trading vogues and the intelligent trading moves in the market. Exactly here, Cryptohopper, the smart trading software, comes in play and can be your personalized trading weapon to help you be an expert at trading in no time. All you need to do is sign up on the platform and join the army of 160,000+ successful traders.

World-wide Popular and Time-tested Trade Strategies

One of the many smart ways in which Cryptohopper can use follow and copy the intelligent trade strategies of the leading and experienced crypto traders and use them to bring great success to your trading resume. Here at Cryptohopper, the user can buy strategies from the trade experts in an instant. Overall there are three categories in the marketplace:

  • Signals
  • Strategies
  • Templates

Shhh, There’s a Cheat Sheet for Success!

Cryptohopper offers something called “Marketplace strategies” to its users. These are thoroughly professional, well-researched “trading strategies” that are constructed with the help of advanced indicators. It is almost like the users of Cryptohopper are offered trade secrets for their very own personal success. Here at Cryptohopper, the expert traders have designed some very interesting trade strategies which can be easily customized based on the user’s needs. For instance, the user can select technical indicators and parameters of the trading. These selections then are followed throughout your buying and selling experiences. Moreover, these parameters are specific to one trading route of your choice and leave the other aspects such as crypto coins or any other related tools separate. In this way, the user can design a versatile trading portfolio while getting the best results in the market analysis.

Specific Customer-friendly Configuration

No two traders are alike, and neither do their trading styles. Cryptohopper has taken special care of this need. The platform allows its users to enjoy customized configuration in the various aspects of their trading portfolio. For instance, the user can narrow down their preferences to selecting what kind of coins they would like to trade, or what kind of trading pace or limits they prefer, or any other trading related configuration-based preferences. Of course, these settings vary with every trader; therefore, the sellers offer unique strategies that gel well with the user’s needs.

The indicators vary with various crypto coins. The objective is to work well with the dynamic nature of the trading market that keeps on changing. Therefore, here at Cryptohopper, the user is offered a “template.” The user can mix and match these templates with other strategies he or she has purchased from the expert trades. This mix can then be tried in the “template” marketplace. If it gets too complex as a beginner to wrap every detail together, there are always the free starter templates that give you the taste of the working of this platform in no time.

Easy Designing Set-up of Trade Strategy

Yes, Cryptohopper allows you to have more than one trade strategy to stay ready for all kinds of trade situations. It may sound daunting to the new traders, but don’t worry, it does not involve you doing that complex coding to get your trading strategy in place. All you need to do is drag and drop your preferred technical indicators and create your very own strategy. Also, you can tweak the buying and selling settings in the indicators and save it for the future. Cryptohopper also allows anyone who knows to code to make changes to the strategy with the help of JSON.

Cryptohopper has made sure that the users’ trading experience becomes as convenient as possible. The new traders can take cues from the pro traders in many ways to land a very successful experience of their own. From copying strategies to creating technical analysis to strategy designing to the testing of the strategy with the help of the past data, know that Cryptohopper has your back all the time!

Copy a trader by receiving his/her signals or purchase a strategy from the marketplace to link it with one of the available templates. The bot will do the rest. Sign up in less than 1 minute and enjoy their 7 day free trial by clicking here!

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